Thursday, 6 January 2011

our first days..

Izhan- buat drama kat sekolah pehal..? mummy yo yo oo jer nebes kot kot mummy yg meleleh air mata macam masa adik masuk Blenheim dulu.. This time, mummy dah tough dah, dengan selambanya blah tinggalkan adik wp adik menjerit 'mummy..mummy...!!'.. Ayah dah cuak tanya mummy ok ke tinggal adik camtu, but mummy rasa that is the best way to teach you. otherwise esok u gonna use the same trick again. Hasilnya, hari kedua adik pun dah tough..mummy hntr sampai depan pintu jer n then kiss2 goodbye.. belajar rajin2 ye nakk...

Nurin- i know u were nervous but i also know that u were excited more. New enviroment, new system, new friends and teachers, i know u r ready for anything. Ayah temankan kakak masuk kelas sebab mummy kena temankan abang. Alhamdulillah, both of your classes just opposite to each other. Senang skit kakak nak monitor abang kan..! Masa mummy datang kelas kakak lepas setel bayar yuran abang, mummy tgk kakak duduk on second row.. good choice sayang.. and the funny part, u seat beside the filipinos girl who dont know BM.. sekapal la korang berdua tu..dua-dua slow BM.. hahaha.. but its ok, in no time i know u will improve. Show them how good u are babe... just do it..!!

Nazrin - mummy risau skit dgn abang ni.. mummy tahu abang tak berapa nampak whiteboard tu tapi kena la berani mintak tukar dengan cikgu. First day u were good..relax jer bila mummy say bye bye.. and when home time, i jenguk kat pintu, u were smiling ear to ear when u see me.. the most charming smile..:).. after 2 days buku masih kosong. u just write your name.. aikk, mummy pelik. takkan tak belajar lagi.. owhhh.. still belum tukar tempat yer.. still have no guts to tell teacher.. mummy will wait until friday.. kalau tak jumpa n cakap sendiri dengan teacher nak tukar tempat, Saturday morning to the optometrist me go ok.. take this as a challenge.. people here r fast in everything n i'm sure u dont want to be left behind.

mummy- supposed to have first class on monday but only 1 student came. After department meeting we decide to close all the papers with very small number of student. mine is one of it. So today, i started with my other paper and i love seeing those faces.. just simple outline about the whole course and simple games to break the ice..yet we have good time together. Mummy feel relief..its a good sign for a good session onwards.

Guys, this is our transformation period. DO NOT AFRAID...! just go for it and tell the world that we are coming to take the challenge. Mummy know each of you will be somebody. Adik, dont forget my black bumblebee..wink..wink..! abang, yes, i need you as my bodyguard now until i die... kakak, of course u are my BFF forever n ever.. luv u all..!!

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