Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rindu dia...

Catitan ini khas untuk Puteri Cantik Manis, Nurin Umaira,

Salam kakak,
waktu ibu tulis entri ni kakak berada di Batu Gajah untuk latihan pusat perkhemahan unit beruniform peringkat kebangsaan. This is your 5th camp, if im not mistaken kan. wow..! really awesome..! u knw what, i really adore u my dear. u keep your spirit high at all times. u r strong enuff to overcome all the circumstances. for all that u really deserve what u have today. Today, u r going to Perlis for the real National camp. Pls, take care of youtself.

when u r away, i feel lonely. yes la, i got abang, adik n airell around but still tak sama la the feeling when u r here with us. despite all the fights and non-stop arguments between siblings, i can't deny, thats make my life alive..! i stressed but i love it..i feel like nak ikat u all kat pokok and letak sarang kerengga but at the same time i laughed listening to all the stupid arguments.
i wish u can balik cepat cos i miss u a lot but at the same time i want u to explore the experience excellently. u r brilliant kid. u knw that. go, have fun and hit them all with ur talent. i am really proud of you kakak. i really do.. i hope what u have achieve today can motivate your brothers to follow the same path..maybe different interest n talent but i want u all to go all out in everything u do.
thx kakak for being such a wonderful dotter to me. i love u to bits..!!

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