Tuesday, 1 December 2009

They come they go

While i'm writing this entry (30.Nov. 2009), they might be sleeping in the 'so-so condition' guest house in London. They left this morning, leaving me with good memories, with lots of love and with happiness.Maybe they missed me and kids already, maybe they missed their own room in my little palace or maybe they missed my yummy in the tummy food..i dont know.. But, what i know now, i missed them already... They, whom i'm talking about is my no blood relation family from Malaysia. They arrived on 20th Nov and stayed with me until this morning. Uncle Ghazali, Aunty Hasnah, Nadia n Ain are on their way of having a wonderful 3 weeks holiday in UK and i'm so happy to be a part of their experience here.

When i first met them, they already captured my heart with their warm family approach. I felt easy to get along with them... Trying to make everything good for them and sharing my rezeki with them, its totally a great 10 days having them in my house. We have gone through a variety of activities. Doing a crazy fruits and vegies shopping, wandering around Leeds city centre, short but enjoyable visit to German Market, window shopping at York Designer Outlet and the best thing, lots and lots of cooking and eating sessions make our days extremely fun. I really hope they will treasured this memories.

Now, they were gone to London to continue their next 11 days vacation there. Have a great time guys.. Do enjoy your holiday to the fullest..! We will meet again in Kelana Jaya in 2011.Insyallah.

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