Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Miss her already..!

Aiseymann buddy.. i'm just not sure now.. giving permission to join the dance class make me sick today.. just today, there is nothing to worry Darl.. yeahh.. in the middle of nowhere, i'm missing you la only me n Mr.GuGu at home.. he ignoring me in total and just concentrating on his Y8 thingies.. abang not yet coming home..make me double time sick..!!
Why ha.. when u at home i feel nothing but thinking of today u will coming home late really make me feel..owhh-where-is-my-buddy. This is so not fair. Why must they have the class until 4.45. i mean doesn't it gonna be hectic for everybody.. dont they know the meaning of tired..?? Get a life..!! let my buddy come home early.. hahaha...

Buddy, i cooked spagheti for u n abang.. can't wait.

p/s: Please enjoy your dance class to the fullest. Dont pity your once-a-while 'sengal' mummy here.. i want you to captured every bits of the goodness of joning such a good activity like that. Hit them all with your talent, ok babe.. love you..! xxx

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