Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My 101 wish list

Aku mula terjebak dalam dunia buku2 motivasi ni sejak thn 2009. Sebelum tu just baca sikit2 ruangan2 motivasi dalam majalah or tgk Dr Fadzillah Kamsah membebel dalam TV. But, in the early months of 2009, entah macam mana terpikat dgn clip The Secret dalam youtube. Tak puas hati dengan video sekerat tu, maka aku berusaha gi cari VCD yang complete and jumpa sekali dgn bukunya yang meletop kebabom tu.. so, thats the start of my obsession on motivational thingy.. i've been exploring Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind thingy, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Oprah's website, ELT technic and the list goes on.. That is how i survived myself through out the nightmare journey, in the middle of nowhere, alone... after divorced. And of course with lots and lots of prayers and doas and solat malam..

However, i'm just an imperfect person. Bila semangat tgh menggebu-gebu, everything seems easy to me, tapi bila down mulalah the small-little-voice tu nak bikin jiwakacau... its normal la kannn.. ! So, its become an up and down process every now and then. Lately i'm back into positive momentum track. Syukur Alhamdulillah, kali ni dah upgrade skit. Aku dah jumpa mentor yg sgt hebat utk tolong guide aku. He is the most adorable man i ever met in this world.. Serius..dia sgt hebat.. !! and to complete my homework from the IMKK program, i want to share my 101 wish list with u all. This list has been started in 2009 and i have achieved some of it..

 In random order;
1. Finish report, chapters and Phd Thesis by 2011 and become Dr Rozita - on going but nearly there..:)
2. DSLR D80/D90 - done, i bought Canon EOS 450D
3. Kereta hitam yang cantik - Harrier or Lexus
4. Catering services
5. My own bungalow
6. Publish papers local/international
7. Menulis buku antologi puisi - dah start
8. Menulis buku motivasi - dah start
9. Jaga spiritual, jaga iman, jaga solat - ongoing n never ending process
10. Become a consultant for malay arts and culture
11. Brilliant kids - few achievements already
12. Kedai makan sendiri
13. Bakery sendiri - Buddies Delight in progress
14. Have my own company - wedding planner, catering, photography
15.Savings - 500k by 2016
16. Millionaire - the soonest possible
17. Beli tanah - i aim for tanah depan rumah mak
18. Beli rumah - kondominium with pool and Semi-D with 5 rooms
19. Bawak mak, pak n acik go for umrah/haji
20. Bungee jumping - target New Zealand.
21. Acne free - getting better fr time to time
22. Cuti2 Malaysia every 3 months.
23. Cuti2 world - target: Paris, Venice, Taj Mahal, Switzerland
24. Debt free by 2012
25. Re-marry - in progress..;)
26. 2 more kids - i want daughters
27. Sponsor rumah anak yatim - better attachment with Umi
28. monthly allowance to mak/pak
29. Pengetua kolej UM
30. Contribute something for SMSP
31. Winning contest - i aim for Alza in 2011
32.Shopping spree every year - my best therapy ever
33. Cruise holiday - achieve..! Keukonhof Trip 2010
34. Become established author
35. Built up yayasan keluarga
36. Covergirl in magazine
37. Charity work- NGOs
38. Social activities - NGOs
39. Repair rumah mak
40. Kereta baru to bapak
41.High post in workplace
42. Healthy and wealthy
43. Sponsor masjid/surau
44. Meet M. NAsir
45. Maintain 48-54kg - tgh usaha keras
46. Good eye sight - thinking of LASIK
47. my own dance group
48. More 'collection' of ilmu agama
49. Outdoors activities/active lifestyle - Kinabalu for 3rd time this July
50. Romantic moments with my man
51. Redangkalong, Sipadan, Tioman - eager for diving
52. Intl. driving licence - UK licence by april 2010
53. Gold savings - target 250gram by 2012
54. FFA acc - dah start.
55. Honeymoon to Maldives + Bali
56. Back packing - Asia countries
57. Join IKS projects to help orang2 kampung
58. Participate in singing contest
59.Become a part of high class community
60. Meet Azah Aziz/ Mak Engku
61. Be friend with outstanding motivator - meet Billi Lim on jan 2011 and on going learning with Dr Azizan.
62. My own novels
63. Nurin- Cambridge, Nazrin - Oxford, Izhan - Edinburgh
64. My wedding attire - white+dark green or cream + marron or silver + blue
65. Healthy and wonderful sexual life
66. My rumah rehat - near tasik or tepi laut
67. Kebun buah-buahan
68. Pampering myself more often - spa, massage, etc..
69. Trip to Safari - aim of Afrika
70. My own popular blog
71. Down memory lane to UK
72. Masuk kursus make up
73. Join more cooking class
74. participate in TV programme
75. Naik helikopter
76. Hot air ballon
78. consistent exercise - jogging/kickboxing - on going
79. Adam come here a.s.a.p
80. my cuppies become popular intown
81. Istiqamah solat malam + dhuha
82. Taman Negara trip with kiddies
83. Cherry picking, apple picking, pear picking - target september 2011
84. Pass VIVA excellently
85. Register Haji by 2011/2012
89. Change family lifestyle - paradigm shift
90. Jaga achik sampai bila2
91. Persian kitten
92. Glitz and glamour dresses - channel, vera wang, tom abg saufi
93. Know more about computer
94. Become agent insurance - trying new thing and challenge myself
95. Reunion frequently with old friends
96. Presentable in anything i do
97. To smile more and approachable to everbody
98. Got high sense of respect from people
99. MLM business
100. Good kenduri + reception during 'my day'
101. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT the soonest possible.

Kejayaan tidak akan datang bergolek tanpa sebarang tindakan. So, MESTI bertindak... !!


  1. Great Dream... mean for great people... Kita Kaya dan Berjaya...
    You have a great dream and well some of it kinda similar with mine.... wuu wuu...
    Thanks to our beloved Dr. AO, we have a great positive thinking..
    See my 101 wish at

  2. thx a zillion redzuan for ur great comment.. bukan senang nak senang dan kesenangan hanya berhak dikecapi oleh orang yang rajin berusaha dan cepat bertindak... lets move on..!!

  3. hola! bermotivasikah anda hari ini? semoga semuanya ceriia2 selalu! best prayers.

  4. visiting dao alumni mmbr... hv a good day. tapi kenapa dh lama tak update?